Motherboard failure

My motherboard just went to pot last night.
The laser is burning so hot that it’s burning right through everything and no adjusting will fix it.
I already looked through as many posts here I could find, and it’s the motherboard….
30$ is 1000, and is the same as the s max in settings. No other errors. I unplugged the power and only left usb plugged in, and tested the pwm and ground wires, and it’s showing 3 volts. I read that Ortur has a bad batch of motherboard from January, and mine was purchased first week of February.

My question is how long have others waited to get a response and receive a replacement motherboard?
I opened a ticket yesterday, and no response yet. I use this laser for my business, and now I’m losing money and time not completing orders.
Almost wondering if I should just purchase a new one from Amazon and have it here tomorrow. I really don’t want to, because it’s clearly a faulty motherboard that they installed and need to replace it, rather than me spending my own money.

I am currently having the same issue with my laser,
ortur did reply to me within about half hour ,and they are sending me out a new motherboard in the post, but the delivery will be about 4 to 5 weeks apparently.
I can’t wait that long to have the laser working, so I have had to order one myself . I ordered one last night from e- Bay and it should be here tomorrow .£73.98 with 24 hrs delivery .

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