Mount stand with 8mp camera mount

I honestly feel like this is a dumb question as I am new to this whole laser engraving world, but i purchased the LightBurn 8mp camera and dont know if im supposed to put it up directly over the work area . i have a 500x600 area but dont have an enclosed laser like most of everyone using light burn. how high up should the camera be looks like 23" in the center gives a good view but dont have anything to mount the mount to. Is there a file for making a stand and if so where will i find this ?

How did you determine the correct lens for your setup without measuring first?

I see you posted a similar question elsewhere on the forum and Oz responded:

Hi RIck ,
i just bought the 8 mp lens from lightburn but i saw one image with it in the front of the work space but in another feed saying to have it over the work space so i had someone hold the camera over the work space till it filled the area on the screen measured to them lens and found a 20" legged table to use for my structure to mount camera on lol

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500x600 work space did I get the wrong camera?

Don’t you have to build a house for your laser, with suction? I couldn’t burn anything without extraction, the odor genes were too bad. At the same time, you get new options for mounting your camera.

I drilled a small hole in the top of the lid, suitable for the optics from my camera, and mounted it with tape, a dirty but very effective solution that was only intended as a test of the camera capabilities.
I do not know if I have a picture with camera, shortly after this test I switched to my K40

…by the way, the little 12V PC fan on the back was enough to remove the smoke!

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