Move laser to borders

My K40 has no diode-laser to mark laser position; In K40meerk there is an option to move the laser head (and I used it a lot) to move the laser to the design corners, so I can check the real borders with a laser firetest.

So, is there a way in LightBurn to move the laser head to any corner of the current design?

Yes, you use one of the two ‘Frame’ options. Laser Window - LightBurn Software Documentation

I know about laser framing, but I want to move the head to any corner, as “move to top-right corner”.

To do a frame with laser on (even at low power) will draw a box around my wood sheet, and I dont want to use sheets full of “frames”, dots in the corners are enough!

Ah, I missed understanding your original question the way it was worded. We do provide options for moving the laser head to a specific location.

1.- excuse my english
2.- yeah, it is what I was looking for

Thank you.

Now, to be able to personalize the top button bar… would be great.

You can type in your native language, and we can translate here if that helps. :slight_smile:

What do you mean, "personalize the top button bar?

You can re-arrange the entire UI following this:

yeah, to move the windows, I know.

I mean add/remove icons to the top horizontal icons bar.

We do not allow you to change the icons or their arrangement individually. The toolbars can be moved around and resized if that helps.

A “hidden” trick - if you hold the Ctrl key and click one of the ‘Move selection to corner;’ buttons, it moves the laser to that corner instead. (this only works with the “Arrange (Long)” toolbar, since the “Arrange (Short)” one includes the options in a drop-menu when clicked:

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