Moving the head with keyboard arrows does not work

Hello good afternoon!

I’m trying to move the laser head with the keyboard arrows but I can’t, the frame option to measure the origin area that I want to cut doesn’t work either, I have a TopWisdom controller, could it be that it isn’t compatible yet? Or have I not configured my machine correctly? I await your answer and thank you,

Keyboard arrows only move the artwork. The number pad arrows will move the laser head. For them to work, the edit window must have the keyboard focus (as in, it’s the last thing you clicked in) and Numlock must be lit up.

Thanks for the answer, and is it normal that the sent files do not appear in the file list tab?

Completely normal, until you hit the ‘Refresh’ button. If you click that, and you’re connected to the laser, that list should fill in.

That is the detail I already gave update and the files do not appear in the tab, I thought it was compatibility of my controller, but I put the send button, it goes to the machine but it is not registered in the file list tab, could you help me to know what am I doing wrong?

Which model of TopWisdom controller do you have? Do you see anything in the file list? When you send files, are you naming them?

You also mentioned that framing doesn’t work, but you gave no details about what it does or does not do. What about it isn’t working?

Are you saying that you hit the ‘Refresh’ button and the file list is not updated to show the files from your controller?

MODEL TL-403CB the frame does nothing, there is no reaction, I click it but it remains without doing anything, it just freaks out as if it were trying to read and since it cannot, the program is put back on line, as for the files if I give it a name but they are not saved in the program, only in the machine

Yes, that’s right, right I just do that and it doesn’t show anything

What version of LightBurn are you using? … and on what kind of computer?

I have a 403cb, and it works as expected for me.

la mas nueva 0.9.16

That’s very strange - nothing has changed in TopWisdom support for the next release, and I have tested both framing and the file list window, and both are working for me as expected. 403cb only has USB - I assume you are connected “live” to the controller, and not using a USB stick?

I have it installed on a laptop

I have it connected by usb

I’ve tried uninstalling the program and reinstalling it and it doesn’t work that way for me either

That really does nothing at all with LightBurn - all the settings and configuration are stored elsewhere, so unless the program is doing something horrible like not running at all, this isn’t going to help.

On the controller itself, if you click the ‘File’ button, do you see files on it?

And you mention the frame button “freaking out” - what ‘Start From’ mode are you in? (in the ‘Laser’ window)

The files in the controller if I see them all, as for the frame I am in user origin, but I already tried the other 2 options and it does not send the order to mark my cutting area either

You’re giving me very little to work with here, and I’m not sure what to tell you to fix it. I’m looking at a 403cb here, and this is my file list:

How many files do you have in the controller? When was the last time you deleted some?

To make sure I understand you properly, you are able to send files from LightBurn to the controller, and it will cut those files, correct? (I just want to be sure that we have both understood each other properly, so I apologize if this seems like I’m talking down to you - I promise that I’m not)

I tried again and it doesn’t seem like that, nor does the frame button do anything, is there any way to put video here?