Mr Carve S-4 30w

I’ve recently got this fiber laser and trying to hook it up. I followed a setup like the ComMaker B4 ComMarker B4 20W | Import / Find My Laser? but the system still says it’s disconnected, but it does detect port 2 as an option… which is where the unit is connected.

Anyone know how to get it connected? I have it as a JPT laser type.

I got this to work… the EZcad2 driver vs the Lightburn EZcad2 are two different drivers that install differently. I found the video and see that I had caused a conflict by having both installed.
Strange they call it the EZCAD2 driver but it doesn’t work with EZcad2…
Anyway, seems to be working now… Sometimes you just have to post a question on a board to figure it out for yourself… :grinning:


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