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Hey Team…checking in with the brain trust to see if I can get some assist tracking down Gremlins.

Short story…bought Ortur Master 2 w/20w laser…upgraded to Endurance 15w duos and got everything working beautifully. Then I made a custom enclosure, got some cable track and rewired it all tidy like…except now I have issues.

Homing errors, limit errors and the motors seem to be constantly energized.

I know I messed up something…just not sure where.

Here is a log:
OLF 139.
Grbl 1.1h [’$’ for help]
[MSG:Check Limits]
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Here are current settings: $$

I have run a trace on wires from origin to termination at motor plug as well as limit switches to verify that when tripped, the circuit is indeed closed…running out of things to check and am beginning to wonder that I may have something actually faulty now even though it all worked before I built the box for it.


FYI…I did see discussion similar but it looked like it revolved around limit switches and absolute coords…which I have set absolute coords as well as displayed switches above for review.

And…just for fun, I uninstalled everything and reinstalled everything…lightburn, detecting/set up of laser, etc.

Take your best shot? Maybe @OrturTech has ideas?


Just another burner

As per steppers always energized thats expected as you set $1 to 255

I would recomend upgrading firmware to 1.42 Ortur – Firmware Repository – Ortur

On wiring, from the motherboard to the pinboard (x switch) the cables re NOT 1:1, they cross so you might have to trace them perectly, the back of the motherboard and the back of the pinboard both have labels.

Try though the firmware, (make notes of your settings $$ now)
Then power machine - home it and run a ? command on console and see what it says as per homing
or Move pannel → get position

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