Multipe image engraves with z offset - second image runs at diffrent settings

Controller: RDC6445G
LightBurn 0.9.22

Take for example a file such as this:

We have 3 images, all on the same layer. This layer has a z offset of -3mm.

When running the job, the machine will drop the bed down 3mm, and engrave the right-most image at the correct speed and power.

Then it will move the bed back to the starting height, then move back to the offset, them move to top left image and begin engraving - however this image will engrave at a much lower speed.

What I think might be happening, is that when moving the bed LightBurn alters the machine speed for the z move, but then does not set it back to the layer engrave speed?

I tried to recreate this in RDWorks to find out if it was a Ruida or LightBurn bug, however I think the Z offset might be a LightBurn only feature, as I couldn’t find an option for it in RDWorks.

3imgtest.lbrn2 (321.7 KB)

It follows the correct operation until it completes the first image.

I cannot see why it would modify the Z axes after that. I don’t have a Z to deal with, but it must be told to do that.

Do you have cut order priority set in the shape properties? I don’t think you can change the speed but you can the power. Right click image → properties

I’ll be watching, good luck… Take care :slight_smile:

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