Multiple lasers, one computer

I did find the following post that contained somewhat of an answer to my question:

but not completely. I’m on a Mac and both lasers have Ruida controllers and are connected via ethernet… could be a third one too if you can figure out how to work a Trotec so I can dump Job Control :wink:

In Lightburn I have “Machine 1” and “Machine 2” added and they work.
I made two copies of Lightburn: “Lightburn machine 1” and Lightburn machine 2". Both instances started and I thought I could have a “Machine 1” connected to “Lightburn machine 1” and 2 to the other one, but no.
It’s only on the first Lightburn that I start that I can switch device (I see “Ready” when ever I switch device). The second Lightburn says “Disconnected” on which ever device I choose. Is there a way to have one instance of the program connected to its own laser?

I know it doesn’t exist now. But would it be possible to have a tabs inside Lightburn for each of your devices?

I haven’t really come up with a smooth workflow yet for multiple lasers. How are you guys doing it?

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We provide a voting site for you to request new features. And looks like you are not the first to want this. :wink:

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Thanks! I know wear the badge “I voted” with pride :wink:

But back to how it is today. Is there any way to do it smoothly? 25% of the time I keep cutting on the wrong machine, just because I forgot to switch device.

There is no technical reason why two instances of the software can’t run different lasers. On a PC I run more than one copy and have them talk to different lasers, and that works, so I can’t see why it wouldn’t behave similarly on a Mac.

Having two tabs within the app itself is feasible, but would require a substantial amount of rework - many places in the software assume there is only one connected laser, one undo system, and so on. I plan to allow multiple pages within the same project, but not multiple projects loaded at the same time.

Having two instances talk to two different lasers would work great, if it worked on Mac also. No matter which instance I start first, that’s the one that talks to the lasers. The second one just says “No device found” at the bottom, no matter which device I choose.

If it worked. Would it be possible to have each instance have it remember what device it used last?

LightBurn saves its preferences in one place, so there’s no way for a given instance to know that it’s different. I’ll try connecting multiple devices on my Mac with multiple instances and see if I can reproduce the issue.

Great. Thank you for testing it.

Regarding the preferences I thought I’d mention it in case it was an easy thing. I’m guessing the percentage that has more than one device is not very high so not a very big market :slight_smile:

Lots of people have multiple lasers, but I would guess very few of them are running multiple lasers simultaneously from a single Mac. :slight_smile:


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