My 2020 5K iMac i5 is Laggy and Spongy ver# 1.4.0 Mac OS 13.5.1 Lightburn problem?

Hey guys I’ve looked everywhere and can not find a fix for my 2020 i5 5K iMac Mac OS 13.5.1 everything thing you move or try and draw In Lightburn is laggy and spongy its not very responsive when drawing and moving simple shapes “vectors”. My wifes 2021 MacBook Air M1 Mac OS 13.5.1 works great with Lightburn. We are running build number 1.4.0 our year of updates just went out. I would love to pay the $30.00 update charge but not if this bug is not fixed. I know I’m not the only one with this problem. Does anyone have any ideas on whats going on? or How too fix this?


Are you perhaps running a scaled resolution?

You may be dealing with the same issue as described here:

It’s not the same the UI the buttons are very snappy its while using the drawing like we you are dragging the vectors around or drawing the simple shapes.Every other program I run beside “ligtburn” works perfect even programs like affinity designer with hundreds of layers and thousands of vectors.


The first thing I would try is copying the preferences file from the machine it is performing well on, then compare how it goes, then if you are not happy with it it will be a setting on the Mac that is causing the problem not Lightburn.

I have done that we run at the same (default) Rez 2560x1440 Lightburn is just not fully supporting Mac OS Lightburn should run great on a toaster its not that heavy of a program I just think its some sort of backend problem with there code and refresh rates with how there code shakes hands with Mac OS . I’m not bashing Lightburn I know they are a small company and have a lot on their plate to keep up with but this has been a problem for people.
thanks you for your input :+1:

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