My Cherokee Beast

This is my design of my Cherokee Beast. All designed in L.B. and all acrylic corner braces cut with light burn. Then I started assembly. I did a post in laser talk tab, asked for any ideas, tips, tricks or any help at all. Got none so I thought I would post it here.

I give you the Cherokee Beast :
CB laser 1.lbrn2 (40.4 KB)

cb laser2.lbrn2 (43.3 KB)

Built with 1000 mm 2020 &2040. Once completed my working area should be around 36" sq… I am also mounting a 200 mm travel “Z” axis. This way I can etch my glasses or drop the laser all way down to the deck for flat wood or whatever I might burn. And I made a big booboo! The Z lift I ordered is for a cnc router, a big heavy one !!! So it’s going back for a more light weight one with a nema 17 instead of a 23. If anyone out there is a structureal engineer, please give me a shout, I could use some help please !! One more thing, has anyone out here built their own monster machine ?
Thank you for your time in this matter.


I built a co2 the size i wanted, for z axis i used lead screws from 3d printer and a nema 23 stepper with chain drive.

Although it’s not in your league, I built an MPCNC with a 635×465 mm work area:

I think you’ll have more happiness if you screw that monster to a sheet of ¾ inch plywood, perhaps with clamps holding the lower rails so you can square it properly. Then you can have reasonable confidence it will remain square as the head moves.

Looks like fun! :grin:


I bought a 200mm z also, mine with nema 23. Only it won’t work for me. mine weighs in at 6.2 lbs and that is way to much weight to be jerking around when raised for tumbler, (when raised all the way up, 21" to top).

I have been looking for a smaller z with a nema 17 and still 200mm lift, no luck yet! I guess I’ll have to make my own.

That is my plan, I’m going to get some of that fine cabinet wood, a little oak or walnut and then something to bring out the wood grain. When I went out to the barn to get some wood, the big boss lady, (my wife) went with me. When she saw what I was pulling out to use, I got my rear end chewed out. She said after all the time and money I spent making that thing, there was no way she was going to let me use that scrap plywood. Cool !! I’m easy, new wood will be coming soon. I like the way you have your design laid out.
I think your rig has very little X / Y wiggle, a lot more solid stability !! good thinking

This is my setup

And then burn a layout grid into it! Yeah, I’d give you a hard time about that, too. :grin:

I like that table raising setup. Oooooonnly, your making me jealous with that led lighting !!! Can we get a mini disco ball, ( say 1" dia.) to hang up top?

LOL, You got that right!

I just now took a closer look at your pic. Is that your housing I see with hinged top and front panel ?

I just found this on Amazonky.
Zeberoxyz 1PCS Mini Linear Rail Guide Slide Actuator T6x1 Lead Screw with NEMA11 Stepper Motor,200mm Effective Stroke Length for DIY CNC Router Parts X Y Z Linear (Size:200mm)

Visit the Zeberoxyz Store


Amazonky won’t let me do a screenshot !!

Yes, the exhaust is on top of the lid

that’s a good deal, hot gases rise . my brothers wife owned a little car wash, after she passed my brother has a lot of old stuff left over. He said that he had about 100’ of 1-1/2" vacuum hose, I could run it through the attic and drop drown any where. shop vac stays out in the garage. nice and quite.

is that one chain going all the way around your table lift?

Yes, the reason i went with a chain is i couldn’t find a closed loop belt the size i needed, and the chain won’t skip a tooth like a belt will, i have tried exhaust on the back and the side and the top works the best in my setup

I have given it some thought and I’m going with alu. 1/8" thick plate to cover the wood. For some reason I keep going back to Steves photo staring at his lift table. I’m going to ask him if I can “Barrow” his design for my rig. I must be polite and ask first !!

If you need to know anything about how i have my z table set up feel free to ask

That would be used on a CNC machine with a spindle mounted on it.

I have a bunch of questions. Need to make a question list. Never learned material parts names, sizes and so forth “yet”. Working on that now. Give me a few more days then I’ll start driving you crazy with questions !! LOL