My Cherokee Beast

What do you mean?

They have to talk to something to be useful …?

I suspect they talk over the IVN.


You are thinking factory installed. I added one to my '99 F150. They come wired and wireless. No connection to the vehicle except power, +12 for the display and backup lamp wire for the camera. Self-contained.

The console won’t be made of mdf. I’m going with cabinet wood of some sort, light colored wood with stain and then a couple of layers of clear coat.

OOPs - I never thought about LB and cameras!! Change of camera plans. Thank you !!

No worry, that is why we are all here. :grin:

That is the best idea yet, no wiring and no hassle and another monitor!! — I have this little boy that lives in back of my head that keeps telling me to add more lights, bells and buttons. LOL He never shuts up! Sometimes he does good, like thinking about an containment box for the laser and using pneumatic ram rods to lift open lid. Put a couple of mini red flashing lights when lid is opened. I know, we need a super sound system in it also.

Hello everyone: Time for another little update on the C.B… – As it turns out the size of the console has become a little larger. Instead of 12" wide its now up around 16" wide, (still refining placement of elects. & shrinking down the size some more) and the length, (front to rear), around 23" to 26". – I picked up my wood for the console & baseboard yesterday. That hurt the wallet real good. I got grade A/A 3/4" x 4’ x 8’ white red oak, double sided and presanded, then stained it with “walnut special #224”. Looks good to me and the base board will be the same. – The elects. are taking up to much room, so it’s down sizing time, (jam stuff a tighter together and make it smaller). In this elects. pic, that white board is just for laying out the elects. to get an idea on space needed. (sorry about the upside down pic, I tried 3 times to post it correctly, rotated / saved it several times only when posting to LB, it comes out wrong!! Anyway you get the idea.

Thanks for watching, Randy

I got a lot of these as a newsletter editor. Open in Paint, save and close. That fixed them for me.

hello mike: funny thing is that I posted this same post in LA Hobby and the photo is not upside down !! Why? I wonder.

Yeah, me too! I would get a series of cell phone pix from an event and 2-3 would be rotated 90° for some reason. Cell was held in the same position the entire time. I know because I was there.

Another UPDATE: Stained the base board with a little shellac, looks good to me ! And then the boss found out what I got done and she lowered the boom on me !!
She now has her dining room table back. I no longer have a 360degree walk around work bench !! Here are the pics for today.
Randy – Thanks for watching !

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I see you are making progress, even without the kitchen table. Good work!

Hello Mike: After looking at a bunch of gaming consoles, I found the one I wanted! Downloaded the files and now starting on the changes that I’m making. Console will now be about 16" tall instead of 22". And I’m adding a couple of inches to the width.
And the side panels will have some curve to them so it doesn’t look like a square
hunk of junk.

Haha, you got me with the picture! I did not realize it was a cardboard mockup. The color is the same as my 3-ply baltic. :rofl:

A little update to keep post open, I’m finally getting my console boards cut out. Now that my coffee shop friend is caught up, I should have my console side / inner panels back this Friday. Then the fun starts and this is what I have been waiting for. I’ll start posting photo updates again next week. I only hope that I can make this as nice as what I see in my head.

Well I got my wood all cut out for me and man “DID” it look good. “UNTIL” I got home.
YES, until I got home!! While carrying the wood into the shop, I managed to drop one piece wood which was one of the two side pieces of the console. Landed on a pile of scrap angle iron and got chopped all up. I decided that I was was not going to spend more money on wood so I grabbed a jig saw, sander and an angle grinder and went at it.
I don’t like the looks of it now, but I will just have live with it. Pics coming soon.

Well, I have a couple of pics to add. Sorry for the long delay, I have been at a standstill
at progress on “hand”. Reason for halt on work, I “BROKE” my right hand and being right handed I not doing very well at trying to be a southpaw. After chopping the thing up,
I now have to cut down a lot of the boards to size again. For right now I just screwed some wood on so you could see how horrible my project has turned out.
The outside panels are 3/4" while everything else is 1/4". I glued / screwed in braces to mount all the 1/4" to. with that being said, here is my south paw junk pile.

That’s it for now, may be a little while before next post. Remember, I doing this southpaw style, lol !!!
PS. - I forgot to say that I’m in the dog house AGAIN!!! As you can see, I stole the breakfast bar this time for a warm work space !!!

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Good job

Well I’m back again. Have been under the weather a bit, had to stay in bed. Anyway I have started TRYING to lay out the best way for everything to fit in the console. Have rearranged this stuff 3 or 4 times now. Still not happy yet !! Here is what I have going so far.

24v = laser, power converters – 20v. = pc, - 18v = monitor, – 12v = relays, lights, push buttons – 5v. = 4" cooling fans
More updates later.

Excuse my ignorance, but what are these?

Are these all the same? The one of the left looks physically larger…


I love to see diy, thanks for posting.


Hello Jack – DC to Dc convertors. Variable input & output. One on left is 10A rated and the other two are 5A. rated. Now I have just ran into another problem, the mini PC that’s going into the front of console is 20 V. The problem is that the PC is using a trigger, ( 3-wire from power supply to PC ) wire from power supply to PC. I was planning on just cutting the power cable to PC and tie it into one of the convertors for my 20 Vs. “And” I don’t know anything about trigger wires in PCs. So now I’m thinking, just cut the power supply AC cable plug off and tie the power cable into the same place as my 120V supply ties into the 24V convertor. Now I just have to find a place to mount that fat PC power pack at. Oh what fun !!!