My Cherokee Beast

Hello Mike, Go back up and look at my mock up console, now turn it sideways and stick the box I’m talking about to the back bottom. All elects will be mounted there and I will need to be able to see and check voltage of the converters. Because my entire theme is red and black so far — I like your idea of “RED”. Now, if I can find some that is
transparent, I’m good to go. Or red on the sides and clear on top.
Thanks – Randy

I got some 12"x24" from Amazon. You may need to go to a plastics wholesaler to get larger sheets.

My box is on 10" wide x 12" long x 5" high/tall. I might need 3 sheets, two use and 1 to mess up on!! I’m going to take a quick peek at “Amazonky”

I forgot to say - if you look at my pic of elects, you will notice that my mini spotlights are silver. I ordered black, these are getting spray painted !!!

What are you putting in it, a sub-mini laser? Here is my laser box…

no no – the box is for all the electronics, go back to Oct. 30th, I think, and I posted a pic of a resized mock up of a gaming console to use as a laser console. In that post I said that my mini keyboard was 10" wide, “I” was wrong, it is 11-1/2" wide so inside dimensions of console will be 12" wide. Now take that console and turn it sideways and then set my little box down behind it and that’s where all the electronics will go. ( I hope!)

Yes, I remember that. Is it your intent to not have electronics in the laser zone, or is this for a huge machine?

Never mind. I scrolled back thru the images for a refresher.

mike, here is the plan for laser console: the laser rig itself is 1000mm X 1000mm. this will be mounted to sheet of nice walnut cabinet wood, ( 4’ X 6’) and the console will mount to the side of laser. I’m going to mount 4 carrying handles to the base board so it can be picked up and moved at will. ( For safety, 2 people will have to carry it.).
finished console.lbrn (26.4 KB)

I don’t know what is going on, I tried to open the file here and it went to some site selling sim cards and junk. I don’t know what to say. Unless you have to open it in light burn.

Not sure what file you are talking about…?

sorry, it’s the “finished console.lbrn” link. click on and download, then open in lb.
PS. watch out for the little people !!! LOL

No issue here, you might have a virus, or aa shakey mouse.

I revised your sketch…

finished console.lbrn (406.6 KB)

mike, no problem with lights.

and this pic below, (because sunlight shines through the window behind me, it reflexes off the monitor and I can’t see so I blacked out the windows) was taken in the blacked out room, no lights on. Only the two spots are turned on. Looks good to me.

What do you think?
Ps. - The monitor is just laying on the keyboard.

Do they come in clip-on?

mike: I don’t remember seeing any, but I looked through all 5 major selling sites and don’t recall seeing any, but I was not looking for clamp on. – these have double sided tape or 2 screws. Two more will go under the the X drag chain support bar, one at each end pointed in the direction of the laser. After the real console is built, all spots will be screwed on. – After looking at them, I’m thinking that I might mount these two inside with the switches and just let a 1/4" or so hang down outside. ANNNNND at the same time I like the idea of being able to change the angle of the spots if needed, if I mount them outside. – I’m trying to come up with a way to mount a camera so that it"s mounted to the carriage in a way that it is always looking at the work point. Right now I have no idea on what type of camera to buy. Any ideas?
I’m looking for clamp ons now.

just found these in ebay –

Wow, you take me too seriously!

I did install an under-counter strip light in the cabinet.

I like that!! I read your whole post, well thought out. With your viewing panels and your lights on, do you have problem seeing? Because my console sidewalls will be wood, I’m only going to put Acrylic in the top of the electronics area. Several of my dc/dc convertors have led readouts on them. The acrylic will only be about 3" above the LEDs. Do you think I will have no problems reading them?
When I first glanced at your pic, (before reading), I thought, is that rig sitting on a dinning table like mine. lol – I took another pic of these lights, which have a dimmer switch. I turned them way down low and looks even better and no problem seeing the keyboard. Problem is that this phone camera picks up to much light. It looks like they are still on bright. So no pic.

Thanks! In retrospect, I should have framed it in 2x2’s and used 1/8" paneling or Masonite to cover the flats. It would have been not so heavy.

Only those caused by old age. The the box interior is well lit up, making it easy to align stuff. I have a manual Zaxis arriving today. I think that will be my last tweak to the setup.

None at all. Those displays are fairly bright.

They are amazing, considering that dinky little lens they use. I took some moon eclipse shots and only near totality did my 50mm lens Olympus begin showing the advantage over my Samsooey S21 Ultra’s camera.

How many mm is the Z lift? – I think I remember you talking about a 100mm lift or so?

That gives me an idea, I think I’ll look into back up cameras on cars.
Well I’m here at home, alone with my dogs. Wife wanted to go to OK. to our kids house to see the grand kids and our two great ones. So Tues. I took her to Ok, 186 miles one way, spent about 4 hours with the kids and then came home. I go back Sat. to get her. And this is where the dogs and I have fun.They both like Sonics chicken sandwiches. When the cat is away we mice will play.
I got a lot more done on the laser wiring. A couple more JSTs and I’m ready for the console. My brother came by today and told me had been repairing a mans water jet cutter. My brother got to talking about my console and the man said bring the wood and I’ll cut it for free. The man showed my brother a piece of 1" particle board. Jimmy said you could not tell where any water hit it. So I may get my console cut out free. I hope.
Happy Turkey Day----- Randy

The one I bought is the King Gubby version. It has 2" adjustment and can be moved on the backing plate. Without having a S30 machine, he could not confirm the total range the Zaxis could be moved. Mine should arrive today, so I can be more exact shortly.

Those are totally self-contained. They cannot be linked into Lightburn.

That would be cool! I have not had much luck with MDF and water. If I remember right, water on the surface caused wood swelling pretty quick. Maybe there is waterproof MDF? Or maybe you could clear-coat it with Varithane or something. Be sure to take some scraps to test on.