My LightBurn remote!

I’m using the numeric keypad arrow keys with the numlock activated, per the docs the head should move, but it doesn’t

That would normally work. I think you may need to have focus on the workspace for the keys to work in case you’re not doing that.

You may want to try these key combos. I don’t believe these require focus on the workspace:
left, right - ctrl+alt+[ and ctrl+alt+]
down, up - ctrl+shift+[ and ctrl+shift+]

I understand this:

CTRL-ALT - or + to move left or right
CTRL-SHIFT - or + to move down or up

is this what you mean?

If not correct please clarify, I can try these tomorrow at the shop, if they work its just a matter of replacing the old ones and sending these new keystrokes. Thanks

No. For example on how to read my list… for left you would simultaneously press the ctrl, alt, and left square bracket ‘[’ key. Then follow that convention for the other keys.

got it, tomorrow I try. Thanks!

Niiice, it works!

I looked up in the hotkey chart and did not find it, neither the key combination is shown as used in the hotkey editor…

BUT, this misses the micro or macro stepping option that is provided when you use the arrows and shift or control keys

Thanks a lot!


You may want to try reverting back to the numpad keys but making sure you select focus on the workspace before attempting. That could get you the modifier keys to work.

Now that you mention the focus on the workspace I see what the problem is, when you are framing the focus is on the Laser tab, and if there, the arrow keys dont work, I don’t understand why since its part of the workflow:

Draw a circle in the workspace > when happy with its size and location > frame it and BAM arrow keys no longer work and their function now is to move between buttons in the laser window in a very inconsistent way, in windows I usually move between adjacent buttons with the TAB key.

Maybe the DEVS can shed some light about this behaviour.

In the meantime, Im thinking about how to hack the actual behaviour by doing some operation to return the focus to the workspace from an addressable key combination in the hotkey editor.

The best solution so far is to press the save the work, this puts the focus back in the worspace and I can move with the numpad arrows, I hope there is a better option since you don’t always want to save a work in progress, I’m still looking.

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Well a hack if it works, its a good hack. I modified the code to issue a CTRL-S wait 100 miliseconds and then issue a ESC and it puts the focus back in the workspace thus allowing me to use the arrows after framing.You have to pay attention to the screen to see the save screen, it dissapears very fast.
Less than 100 milisecs didn’t work

If any other key is pressed, when I press again any arrow it re issues the above and the arrows keep working.

Im sure this will be easier sooner than later :grinning:

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[add] BTW: SHIFT arrow doesn’t work, CONTROL arrow works as configured in settings.

Nice job, but I’m curious why you didn’t just follow this helpful guide - Numpad mask to control Ruida.
I did this some 2 years ago and it was simple and low cost. The only buttons I use on my remote are the Frame and Fire. I don’t use the arrow keys on my remote as the Ruida keys work just fine.

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Any BT keyboard and a key mapping software would do if you want to go that route, its the simplest!

My project doesn’t need any additional software, it works directly with LB and I can customize it in firmware without limits. For example, if you press CTRL-SHIFT-STOP keys it goes into deep sleep to save on battery.

And most numeric keypads don’t have shift and control keys, which allows you to modify the arrow behaviour.

But the most important part is the challenge of the whole project from software to physical parts. I love this the most.

We have the RD-ACS Ruida Remote Control if anyone’s interested.

I have it in my cell, but the ruida remote interacts with the laser, not lightburn. You can’t rubberband frame for example. And for irregular shapes like I usually cut, thats a must.

here is an alternative without the headaches! $150.00 give or take on your shipping
and tax…

again… :grinning:

read my previous post, the ruida remotes only interacts with the laser, not lightburn.

Not sure why yours does not, all major fuctions on the remote reflect on lightburn as I use them, again kudos to you for building your own, not sure what all other fuctions you would need besides setting origin, joging X,Y , AND Z fast or slow, cancel job reset machine pulse fire the laser…ETC! …I guess to each one his own! Im too busy cutting product and never had the need for any other functions
on on my remote on a 130w 35x55 laser…

Also frames the job and homes
…not sure what else you could be missing, have been using a laser for over 6 years with lightburn and i have yet needed any fuctions other than the aformentioned. Please teach me what it is that Im mussing here? I have seeing all your posts on this topic. Unless I missed something…

I’m not trying to sell my product nor convince you of the advantages, I made it because I needed a way to adjust my work while at the laser. I cut mostly leather sheaths, leather is not cheap, so I have templates that closely match what I need to cut to minimize waste. I could have done a remote with the ruber band frame (hull) start and the arrows and be it, but adding the other keys was almost free so they are there.

Not the best example of leather, they usually are fitted to the template, but I’m sure it’ll help you understand my needs

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