My modified printer in lasers? Hang with me there!

A short time back my big brother told me that he had a printer and I could have it if I wanted. Then my brain starts clicking, I have so much to do on my conveyor laser that I can print my assembly parts instead while working on other parts and assembly. Big brother said he bought on e-bay about 6-8 years ago. He never got around to assembling it. Brother said the seller built the rig himself. The seller did an overkill on structural strength. If you ran over this thing, you would total out your big Mack truck and never hurt the printer. Completed “frame work” with 3 steppers weighs in at 31 Lbs.
This is what I got to start with with. Anyone want to join in on the fun ??? ( One more thing, I know nothing at all about printers !!! ) The seller did “include” a really nice set of inst that he put together. He covers every nut, bolt, screw, all tech stuff on all the steppers, every board and even has every wire coded for placement. His manual is 92 pages long, complete with photos of “everything”. I took 20 pics of this thing from every angle to show construction. I finally picked this one it gives you an idea of my new fun project. I forgot that this rig is made with 25 X 25 MM and 38 x 76 MM extruded alum. OK ! Where is the laser? When I was going through the manual I saw where the controller board IS set up to also run lasers. Unplug printer head, plug in laser head and your off to the show ! I hope !

                Randy  -  I'll give updates to my project as it goes along.

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