My program gets stuck on the Pan/Drag tool often

Sometimes the hand symbol displays and sometimes the cursor arrow. I try every maneuver to get it to release but can’t find anything the works regularly.

Your forum profile tells us even less than this post. Can you please provide a bit more about what OS, LightBurn version you are running? What hardware are you using for mouse movement? How do you typically enter the PAN mode? How do you typically exit the PAN mode? Please provide a more detailed description of what you are doing, what you expect and what you get as a result of these actions.

Space bar, with the edit window in focus, flips between select & pan. I haven’t heard of anyone getting stuck on that mode for a long time - which version are you running, and on what OS?

Sorry Rick- I have 9.09 loaded on two Win 7pro puters and have had this issue sporadically on both computers since I started seriously learning LB over the last couple weeks. I never use the Pan/drag tool and it is not depressed when this happens, and pressing it and/or the main selection arrow does not usually rectify it. I normally use the center mouse scroll wheel/button to pan.

If it happens again, check to see if anything is hitting the space bar clears it. Holding the space bar enables that (mostly for Mac users who don’t have a middle-mouse button). If you have a cat, make sure it isn’t standing on the keyboard. :slight_smile:

Thanks- no cat, my sweetie moved in with two and I have outlived them.:pouting_cat:

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I still have this behavior occasionally- I have tried the space bar and that changes the cursor icon but does not release it. I a getting better at getting it back to normal but have not been able to put my finger on what actually releases it.

The two ways to activate it are the middle mouse button and the space bar (when the edit window has focus). I’ll add some logging for each and we’ll have you turn that on and try to reproduce it.

I will be here for two more days and then excape to the sunny south for a month- probably will not have much time till March. Thanks Gene

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