My x axis wont move correctly

Hi! I need as much help as i van get, im new at this laser machine thing.
My problem is i want to cut a circle 75mm x 75mm and when my machine does its thing ir will cut it but it won’t be a perfect circle, it will be a 75mm height but a 58mm width instead of a 75x75mm so im guessing my X axis is not working properly but i have no idea why, please someone help me

Your settings for x-axis are incorrect. If the X and Y use the same belt and pinion and stepper, the settings for mm/step will be the same.

And where do I modify those settings? :cold_sweat:
I just put the machine together and that was it, i even thought the belt was loose so i tightened it up but still wouldn’t work

You should learn more about your machine - specifically how the motion-control system works.

It’s likely your controller is based on GRBL, there’s a lot of information on the internet on how to configure and tune such a system.

Their wiki is a good place to start:

I just noticed that 1 of my 3 metalic wheels from the motors its a different size than the others. The smaller one is actually on my X axis, could that be the reason its not stepping correctly?

How many teeth does each one have?

Yes, if the settings are the same as for your Y-axis.

Being a different size is not, in itself, a problem.

Possibly an assembly error.

Check the step/mm for x and y from the link I posted before and see what they are set to.

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The big one has 20 and the small one 16. So that’s probably the problem, right? :pray:t2:

20/16 = 1.25
75 /1.25 = 60

So yes, probably.

You will be able to adjust for the different size in grbl settings.

Thank you! Ill read the link you send me to see how to adjust them :blush:

The settings are X & Y steps per mm, and you can use LightBurn to edit them by going to Edit > Machine Settings, and looking in the vendor settings area near the bottom. Make your change and click Write to commit the change to the controller.

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