My xtool only moved up and down

For some reason i dont know if it is the software but now when i got to burn it onto the wood the xtool only goes up and down im not sure if i dont have something right in the settings. please help!

Up and down usually means toward and away from the work. Is that what’s happening?

If you were using the Rotary tool and forgot to turn it off, you may want to switch it off in LightBurn. There’s a note in the bottom right corner of the LightBurn window to remind folks that it’s still on. ( That’s a pretty wild guess on my part from what I imagined when I read your post. )

We’ll probably need a few more words to get through what’s happening.
This may be worth review:

I had a video but it will not let me upload it. But when it cute or even drone it will only move up and down it does not even frame from side to side.

You can post your video on your host of choice and link that video to your reply here.
LightBurn videos are hosted on Youtube and linked.

Uploading pictures works well as several engravers have likely been seen misbehaving in similar ways.

Your meaning here is somewhat lost on me. Care to elaborate?

When most folks talk about UP, they mean Z (away from the workpiece).
I have the general sense from this that you mean ‘Picture up’ which is Y and ‘Picture left-right’ which is X

It’s uncommon but loose / broken wires or an assembly error can make this problem happen.

It requires a very unusual accident or a great deal of intent to make this symptom occur at the software level. Did you change any of the Settings, Machine Settings or Device settings?

Did you accidentally enable Rotary Mode? (If so, There will be a small message in the bottom right corner of the main window.)

Strange Z-axis (Up) behaviour by itself using the laser with no other motion, would be very unusual.

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