N40630 no cutting ability!

Yeah I’m talking about the 10W module, that’s also my opinion regarding cutting and engraving the results are much better!

To me that looks unbalanced with the z axis and heavy wiring. Better to leave the head close to the x axis and adjust the frame up and down as needed.

I’ve measured with the N40630 and the diff on the X axis with the carriage on 0 and on 325mm is less than 0.8mm and the Neje module weighs 210g+/- the 10w module from Sculpfun is about 300g

estás en lo correcto, le puse los cables que le hagan contrapeso hasta que me lleguen los otros soportes.

Verifica potenza laser

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I’m still waiting of the new lens to arrive to make more tests.

The lenses finally arrived so im off to testing! I will keep the updates running! :wink:

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And that was a flop, even with the new lenses in (that are upgraded version with orings to prevent wooble and keep them centered) the light escaping to the sides is still there… at this point I think it’s a diode problem…

Sounds like a safe assumption at this point. I thought you were already resigned to a new module anyway.

Since I had ordered the lens I thought I’d wait it out before spending 250€ on a module, I’m wanting to upgrade my CNC and if a 9€ part could solve the issue the remainder would be used on the CNC, but I’m all out of luck. I think I’ll get my self a fixed focus 10w power output laser and that’s that, for hard woods I use the CNC here is for 3-6mm plywood and some 3 mm MDF occasionally