Need DEEPER engrave... woodblocks for block-printing

Hi there,

Super new to lasers! I bought mine for the specific purpose of engraving wood to use as wood blocks to make block prints! I’ve had some luck so far, but I just wonder if there’s something I can do better… and maybe there are some tips and tricks out there.

I am using a combination of a program called VectorRaster and illustrator to prepare my files. I’m enjoying the results but because off my process I need the engraved part to be deeper! I roll oil ink over the finished engraved block to get a transfer on to paper.

From watching the LightBurn youtube videos, it seems like to have it engrave deeper, it takes some fiddling with the Speed and Power of the laser. I’ve tried various configurations but still haven’t quite mastered it.

I need to make my laser engrave DEEPER into the wood! Any tips for achieving this?

Thanks from a newbie!

Diode lasers do not produce much depth, so you’ll likely need to go slower at full power, and possibly make multiple passes, and air assist would help as well. Your result would be much better with a CO2 system, as those tend to vaporize material, not just darken it.

Cool thanks for this!

I’ll look into a CO2 laser for the future depending on how this process goes for me, for now multiple passes at a slower speed.

Can you just briefly explain air assist or point me to a tutorial about it? I understand the other points you made.

Thank you so much for your time!

This post should help: The power of air assist

Oh cool! ok thanks a lot you guys rock

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