Need Help Installing FDTI Serial Drivers

My laser with Ruida controller won’t connect to Lightburn. I tried to do it manually but it keeps saying disconnected. I reached out to customer service and they said that the issue may be that I did not click the box during the installation process that allows the software to install FDTI serial drivers, however, when I try to delete and reinstall it from my MAC, it does not allow me to restart the process and does not give the option again to click that box. Please help.

I looked into that and did as the website instructed but it still shows up as disconnected when I try to connect my Lightburn to my laser via USB. My friend had the same issue as me with a Window and it was resolved when she reinstalled Lightburn and checked the box that allows installation of FDTI serial drivers during setup. When I try to reinstall, Lightburn does not go through the same initial setup process.

We don’t have a check box for the FTDI driver install on the Mac. Provide as much relevant information as possible when you reach out to support - at a minimum, mention the type of computer you’re using, the type of laser (or controller), and which version of the software you’re using.

MacOS ships with a driver that conflicts with the one used by the FTDI chip in the Ruida controller, and if they “fight over” who gets to talk to the port, it can get locked out. If that happens, the only way to release it is to reboot the computer.

We recommend using a wired Ethernet connection for MacOS - it doesn’t have the driver issue, and it’s twice as fast, and more robust. There are instructions for connecting that way here: