Need Help With Calibration of Shapes and Lettering

Atomstack x7 pro

Having issues with alignment of shapes like squares the dont line up from column to column and row to row, either not completing the burn and /or burning pass the corners. Letters do the same as well!

Would be nice if this site had the ability to upload picture!

Surprise… It does…

Just drop it on the edit window or use the download-icon-lightburn icon.

As a new user you are limited to about three a day, I think…

Might drop you .lbrn2 file here also for us to examine…


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I also use my desktop pc to do most of my drawings files and settings. Then I save it to the mSD and load into light burn on my laptop however it throws off my speed settings ie 1000 to 10000 or 1200 to 24000. Any clues on why it does that as well

Nice machine…

It looks to me like something is loose… Have you checked belts and especially the ‘set screw’ (grub) that holds the pulley to the motor shaft.

There are others with that machine lurking around, they probably know better.

A good mechanical check is always wise… with these kinds of issues.

Is this a new machine?


Yes just got it in last week and gone over machine several times before making any passes!

Number one thing about these machines is ‘don’t get in a hurry’ you will forget things and miss items.

The truth is you will probably do it anyway a few times…

You should figure out what you can use for a scrapboard. I assume you wish to use if for alignment?

Does that mean, yes you’ve checked all the go-rounds for tight and right?

You don’t need to reply to each person. You can start a ‘word’ with @ and pick who you wish to address. Or you can mention it question and reply or highlight the question and click on ‘Quote’ to have it highlighted in your reply… You come back tomorrow and edit the message…


You’re the only one responding right now and I have my own separate wood shop full of scrap to test. Yes to tightness checks.

Do you have a file that i could test out?

I see symptoms of backlash but it’s hard to figure out sometimes.

This is a fairly comprehensive thread that might be worth review.

If the machine is bouncing, slowing down will help a great deal.
If the machine isn’t fastened to the bench it could probably be made to walk by suddenly accelerating it. I’m sure you’re close to getting it figured out.

Changed that setting and here’s the results! I’d say the boxes are more consistent however as for the lettering still a little wonky in “S”.

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Awesome… which setting? :slight_smile:

Hide Backlash
Any other suggestion for lettering?

You bet. slow down 25% and see if the rest of it clears up.

I dropped the speed down from 1000 to 200 it’s still wonky

Well done! That makes it super-clear.

With the machine off and one hand on the rails, with your other hand wiggle the head left to right and see if the x-axis belt wiggles. Wiggle the head toward and away from you and see if the y-axis belt wiggles. I think you’ll feel 1/16" of play somewhere in that machine. I haven’t worked on an Atomstack machine yet so I don’t know how to adjust it but I’m pretty confident that this is narrowed down to a hardware symptom.

You’ve almost got it all figured out!

this may be worth review: The Atomstack X7 Pro Laser Engraver Is On Another Level - YouTube

So I decided to run my waste board grid and the lettering still wonky in X axis!

Afternoon David.

I might be wrong, as I only have experience with one machine but 1000 seems insanely fast to me, and seeing that dropping down to 200 helped a lot… ive read through and I’m wondering if it could be worth clamping your machine down. The laser i’m using is an absolute box of a unit, but even at 300 mm/s, theres enough momentum in the laser head being flung back and forth that it will cause my machine to shake which can move the workpeice if that isnt also properly secured

the screen cap above says 200 mm/m (mm/minute). At first, I also thought the problems were overspeed - and at 200 mm/s (12000mm/min) they could have been. It’s not resonance because the problem repeats at 1/5 the speed. Since the OP posts that nothing on the machine is loose - the last thing that’s possible is machine-walk or workpiece-walk but it’s not likely - and it’s just a matter of fastening the workpiece and the engraver to the bench for the duration of the job.

Since the problem is getting worse I’d double-check all the tiny little set screws and have a tube of purple thread-locker handy for the culprit if I found one.

Good points all around! I’ll take the lesson of what machine-walk/ workpiece-walk is!