Need to cut negative space

Hey all

I have another badge I am working on and in this instance I am looking to cut out the negative space around the badge numbers. I was thinking I just needed to remove the solid blue fill bar that runs across but I can’t seem to isolate it. I have attached a screen shot which includes the actual badge for reference. Additionally, I have attached my LightBurn file in the event anyone wants to give it a go for a for minutes. Either way, your time is much appreciated!

NYS_COURT_OFFICER.lbrn (1021.0 KB)

Didn’t have the same font for the numbers but had a play with it all the same.

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I appreciate your efforts!!!
The way I see your version: I would have untouched wood around the numbers, what I’m looking to do is get that space cut out. Similar to the actual shield photo I attached. I hope I’m explaining this well.
Thank you wither way.

Yes, understand. The area each side and in between the numbers is intended to be cut out. The line making up the numbers is a cut line. Maybe this explains better, I hadn’t changed the layer colour.

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That looks perfect in the screen shot, however when I download and open your file you sent back “edited” this is what I’m seeing.

Attached the edited file with the colour changed to red.

Try viewing with the wire frame view (window> Wire frame /SmoothNYS_COURT_OFFICER-EDITED.lbrn (1021.8 KB)

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Thank you. I’m running it now. I think there will still be a small fill issue that needs to be tweaked but will send you the results in a few.

OK, I found an open shape, try this one.NYS_COURT_OFFICER-EDITED2.lbrn (1.0 MB)

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Okay. So it filled the numbers and the bars above and below. Had this not happened it would have been perfect. So, without too much more of your time, would you know how to not have the numbers burn? And ultimately remove the bar above and below? If this takes too much time I understand, but we are SO CLOSE! :grin:

The last file should do it without fill on the numbers

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Running it now.

The Edited2 version burned the numbers again as well as the bars.
See below.

This is the look I’m going for:

Could you try one more time. I made some adjustments to the file to do that.NYS_COURT_OFFICER-EDITED3.lbrn (583.8 KB)

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Based on the preview this looks like it will work, except that I can not remove the upper and lower bar. I can deal with that if I must. Your assistance has been invaluable to me. Im running it again now.

Excellent. The numbers are perfect. They may looked burned in the photo, but they are not. Thank you!!! I can’t explain how much I appreciate your assistance. I’d love to change the font on the numbers, but if that’s a whole other ball of wax I’ll use this. THANK YOU FOR YOUR TIME!!!

Always welcome.
If you could give me the name of the font I could see if I could install it and use that.

Otherwise, have fun.

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No sweat. Again, your help in a Sunday is very much appreciated!!!

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Here is the final product. Thank you for all of your help!!!

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It looks very professional, congratulations on that. It’s great to get tasks done with the help of friends in here.