NEJE A40630 vs N40630 -- any experiences?

Has anyone tried both?

I currently have the N40630 but I’m thinking about upgrading to the A40630 to make cutting plywood easier. I’ve got big “job” incoming, as I agreed (ok, ok, suggested) to do the presents for our club meeting. I can cut 3mm plywood fine, but it’s on the edge as I’m a bit struggling with the last fibres of the far side. And some pieces would work better in 4mm. The A40630 looks like it would be easily upgrade enough for this, it nominally has the same laser (and electrical) power but is specced with 18mm cutting depth vs the 3mm of the N40630.

The F30130 also looks interesting, but that seems to be a model targeted more at cutting? And I’m not sure if it would fit mechanically/electrically as a swap-in. That whole product lineup is a bit hard to understand…

I could go directly to the N40640, but that one’s a bit more expensive than I’d be comfortable with, tbh.

i have the A40630 and i can cut medium wood of 7.5 mm at 160mm/min in 9 passes and 4mm plywood at 200 in 2 passes

here you can see a key holder done with wood i told before

Thanks, so 4mm ply actually works. I’m cutting my 3mm at 120mm/min 2 passes, this tells me the A really has a higher cutting power.

Your link says that you’re using an NEJE ‘50W’ laser (which, of course, they don’t have a 50W module).

Never mind, I see in a later post on that thread that you are using the A40630. Thanks.

Common issue with the NEJE modules. NEJE themselves name them by electrical consumption and re-sellers up that for the more powerful modules; e.g. both A40630 and N40630 are 30W electrical and 7.5W effective. Then re-sellers sell the more powerful as “50W” to not have 2 “30W” modules at wildly different cost.

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Quick update:

So I bought the A40630 for my personal machine. I’m quite impressed with it compared to the N, I have to say. The focus range is much longer and the cut is much stronger. Certainly a good upgrade.

I can recommend going for the A for cutting. For engraving it depends a bit. The N gives you a wider line, which may be more suitable, depending on what you’re doing. You certainly can unfocus the A to do the same, but it does cost more.

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