NEJE Master 2 (20W) - Unfinisshed shapes

Hello All,

I reported some issue on my NEJE Master 2 (20W), when I tried to print somewhere in paper, the shapes are not finnished, it looks like that laser power goes down before finnish the engraving,

Please see this picture ( circles )
Other settings based on this :

This issue is common to diff. speed settings (Tested: 10/15/20mm/s / 60/70/80%)
Do You know what can be solved this issue ? Some settings in lightburn ?


You have focus, mechanical and electronic issues, by the looks.

Start with the mechanical - get it running smoothly and reliably. all mounts and screws firm. then check all your electronic connections. You can put a dab of hot glue or silicon on the connectors to firm them up.

Then, when it’s moving smoothly and reliably, get the focus right.

OK thanks, I will doublecheck.


It looks like that I have simillar issue as described there (Ortur LM2 20W Skipping Line Sections) .On dark material burning good.

So, the issue was a focus mainly.


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