Neje master 2s board how to use lightburn off line

Hello, what kind of board can I use instead of neje 2s board to use lightburn without the laptop like after sending the file to the board to don’t be neaded the laptop any more. Thanks in advance.

What kind of a board do they come with? Some of these controllers can be re ‘flashed’ with an updated version of grbl. Lightburn supports a number of boards.

If you must purchase a board, you probably need some type of ‘gbrl’ board. They are the lowest cost.

Wish I knew more about your machine. Might search this site, as I think I’ve see that before…

Hopefully one of the tech people that knows about that animal will jump in.

Good luck, take care :slight_smile:

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Thanks for your help,
I use neje master 2s machine and it has his own board

Thanks Captain Obvious. :slight_smile:

Here is the same question, with more detail

I did find (Updated) Lightburn Setup for the Neje Master 2S (Auto-Homing, 32 bit version)

Hope it helps… :slight_smile:

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