NEJE Master 2S Max 30w - No Power using Lightburn

Hey folks, I found this issue from two other posters over the last few months but no replies. I’m hoping for some help here because I’d like to use Lightburn for my projects. I followed the Northlakes Woodworking tutorial for the Master 2S (thank you guys!) and have Lightburn controlling the laser just fine. However, it gives no power at all even with the cutting power set to 100% and going at a super slow speed, like 5 mm/s. Using the NEJE software I get full power and can make engravings.

I’ve checked $30 is set to 1000, verified the baud rate is 15,200, done multiple resets. Console says Grbl 1.1f when connected so I assume I have the latest firmware, although my next step will be to borrow a PC and upgrade that.

I’ve noticed that the controller LED is yellow when connected to Lightburn and blue when connected to the NEJE software. Anyone know what that means? Cant find anything on the NEJE site.

OS: Mac 11.3.1
Machine settings:

the blue light tells you it is connected to the neje software and the yellow light is when it is connected to lightburn T2 or other programs

Seems what you are saying is that it’s not cutting period. I’m curious as I have a Master 2S Max and on Win 10 as to work area is there an other difference between the two? I had no problems getting it to work. I even replaced the 30 watt laser with the 40 watt one and have no issues.

I am having the same issue with 1 of my 3 master 2s pluses

the other 2 work great

One comment from the OP says, “Cant find anything on the NEJE site.”.

Which (same) issue, exactly? We are here to offer assistance, but you are not making this easy. :slight_smile: Jumping on a 2-month-old post, with “same” does not tell us what is or is not happening as you’d expect.

I appologize…I am running the newest version of Lightburn on all 3 Windows 10 machines all with the latest updates. The laser in question worked well for about a week and produced output like the other 2 lasers of the same brand and wattage (30 in) other than the fact that it required 97% power to do tiles (norton method) and the others about 75% on grayscale at 300 dpi. When running off the neje software per their trouble shooting advice…the laser puts out noticeably more power at 100% and a slow speed than it does on Lightburn. I will include a picture of what it was capable of…but now it will not leave an image after I apply the lacquer thinner to remove the excess paint. Like I said… I have 3 of the exact same models about the same age…within 2 weeks and only 1 is acting up. I have tried it on 2 different computers. I am using Surface 3’s for all of my lasers.