Neje master 2s max 40 watt stops at 1hour 15 mark

Hello I have a neje master 2s max 40 watt laser it has the 32 bit board. The machine started off running fine had burns that has lasted 4 or 5 hours. Now it just freezes mid project the light burn continues to run and timer runs but the neje stops laser stops and fan on laser stops all but focus beam. This all seems to happen at the 1 hour and 15 minute mark and has happened 50 plus times. What we have done at this point flashed neje board tried different pc (both windows 10 64 bit) , tried 3 different USB cords last one with the highest shielding ratting on Amazon, reverted light burn to older versions (multiple), made sure all power settings are always on including disabled usb sleep, tried slower speeds and lower power variations, With vacuum enclosure on and off. Every larger project just stops mid job. There are other people experiencing the same issues all over the internet and forums, neje is not helpful. There are people who have the same machine and have zero issues running light burn. The only think I can think is the board is getting hot possibly defective, I don’t know any help would be greatly appreciated

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You may have failing hardware. :slight_smile:

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