Network wifi and Ortur Master 3

Hi, I try to use the Ortur Laser Master 3 Wifi with Lightburn, after several Cut the Laser does not get more data and stop. is there a patch to work with the Ortur Laser Master 3 Wifi ?

This seems relatively common that a wifi will not maintain a continuous connection and your data stream will fail. This is exacerbated with ‘grayscale’ or other operations that turn change laser power as the data stream is very large.

I don’t know of anything in particular about the ortur machine that can help this. Hang in there and see if someone has one of these with a better suggestion.

If you machine ‘goes’ to sleep while it’s streaming to the wifi, that could cause an interruption.

It can happen with the ‘network’ adapter or a usb port trying to save power…

Good luck


There’s an update coming. Some other threads have discussed it is in beta test.

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