New 8mp Camera?

I was told that you were coming out with a 8mp camera soon. Is this true and do you have a time frame of ship date? I am looking to purchase one for my BossLS1630, i would assume the 120 deg would be best? 16"x30" bed and about 30" from bed to camera mount location on lid with bed in highest position.

Yes,they has new 8mp cameras in stock. They said it will take time to measure and test the cameras and they will be up when they are done. They ask us to be patient as this will take some time.


Me too I wanted to order this week, should I wait for the release of the new model? How long ?

still no new cameras???

Oct 4th we moved into a new home. I’ve been transferring utilities, unpacking, assembling furniture, prepping the house for winter, setting up equipment, and I have customization work pending for two different vendors, in additional to shipping orders, continuing development, and answering support questions. It might take a bit. :slight_smile: