New 8mp Camera?

I was told that you were coming out with a 8mp camera soon. Is this true and do you have a time frame of ship date? I am looking to purchase one for my BossLS1630, i would assume the 120 deg would be best? 16"x30" bed and about 30" from bed to camera mount location on lid with bed in highest position.

Yes,they has new 8mp cameras in stock. They said it will take time to measure and test the cameras and they will be up when they are done. They ask us to be patient as this will take some time.


Me too I wanted to order this week, should I wait for the release of the new model? How long ?

still no new cameras???

Oct 4th we moved into a new home. I’ve been transferring utilities, unpacking, assembling furniture, prepping the house for winter, setting up equipment, and I have customization work pending for two different vendors, in additional to shipping orders, continuing development, and answering support questions. It might take a bit. :slight_smile:


Any idea when the new 8mp cameras will be available?

Knock yourself out:

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Thank you OZ…
110 degree give me a min of 11.48" above the bed.
Right now my 120 camera is 29" above the bed.

I guess I need to know if the 110 would be ok?

What size is the bed of the machine?

If your current 120 degree is mounted 29" up, the 90 degree 8mp would be a better fit. It has the same “lens factor” as the 120 degree 5mp. It’s slightly confusing, but it’s because the 5mp cameras don’t put as much of the field of view onto the sensor as these 8mp cameras do.

The bed is 500x700

I honestly can’t give you a good answer. I listed the camera because people keep asking when they’ll be up, but I haven’t had a chance to fully measure and test them. The 8mp camera has a wider aspect ratio than your laser work area (1.77 for the camera, 1.4 for your laser) so it’s going to end up like this:


The green rectangle is your bed area. The blue rectangle is how your current camera, with a 4:3 aspect sees the bed. The red rectangle is how the new camera will see the bed.

With the 90 degree version, I think your ideal mounting height would be able 23.3" above the bed. Higher than that and you’ll see a little more on either side, but it should still work.

What is it that you are hoping to gain from the new camera? 700 x 500 work area isn’t huge, so your accuracy should already be quite good.

Thanks OZ thats a great explanation.

Well my current camera is not working properly anymore, I was going to buy a 5MP 140 to replace the 120. But then I saw the post about the 8MP camera and here we are.
Right now the 120 resolution is not what Id hoped and because of my mount I cannot adjust the focus. I am going to remedy that problem.
Bottom line is that my current 120 is failing and I need to replace it. Even though I did the calibration settings correctly following your direction, the camera was never spot on.

The 8mp does use a better sensor, and the lens is larger (the camera itself is about 60% larger than the 5mp), so the image quality should be better. You’d need to work out a new mount because of the size difference.

Oz, can you look at my specs at very start of this thread and advise on 90 or 110 deg? Thought the 90 wasn’t as good for larger area far away.

That is only true for the 5mp cameras. About 21" above a 30" wide bed is the ideal height for the 8mp - 90, but it’ll still work if you mount it higher up. Your machine isn’t large, so you’ll have way more resolution than you need.

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Well crap, I ordered the 110 like an hour before this conversation. Is it possible for you to change the order to a 90 if that will be better for my situation for the 30" bed mounted at a height of 30".

I can do that, yes.

Thank you, whatever you think is best to be most accurate.

Awesome news! Thank you for continuing to be ahead of the curve.

YOU are appreciated!