New account using a mac - LightBurn doesn't recognize the extension clb in filename

New account using a mac - LightBurn doesn’t recognize the extension clb in filename

Need a bit more information. Which OS version and which version of LightBurn? As you can see for the post below, I asked about this from another user and did not get a response. :slight_smile: Any further details you can think to provide to help us reproduce would be very helpful.

Hello. I am on ver 11.3.1
When I go to the clb file online I get the message that it doesn’t recognize the clb format.
I am attempting to download a material library for the Nova 35-100

I am not aware of this file. Is this something that was provided from a user or directly form Thunder Laser? What version of LightBurn, you did not say?

This is a material library file from the Thunderlaser webapge: 100 Watt Materials Libraries : Thunder Laser USA Client Support

The Lightburn version is 1.0.01
The update function says that I am up to date.

This is my first day on the job so I am in the early learning curve.

I am not seeing any error reading that CLB file running on High Sierra. I can check on my M1 Big Sur system when I am back in my shop.

Hi Rick, I just successfully loaded it. I think what was happening was that as I downloaded and attempted it a couple of times my mac was assigning an additional version number, i.e. (2) and that may have been throwing off the installer. In any event mission accomplished. Thank your patience.

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