New BETA firmware for Ortur Laser Master 2 Pro 1.70-1.72 beta or up

I’d like to ask to Gil if is possible to try new beta firmware for my Ortur LM2 Pro with actual firmware version 1.70. i would test new beta firmware and see if my engraver work ok and esclude the hardware problem that sometime i have. I have already change the control board but sometime (less often than before i get problem).
I don’t unsestand why ORTUR does not make firmware available in their website…
if somebody have please send to me

Just to be sure, are you looking for something not currently available on the Ortur site:
Ortur – Firmware Repository – Ortur

Or were you just not aware of that site?

In case you’re not familiar, be very careful with identifying the right machine on that site. There are a lot of variations listed and the site itself can be confusing.

If you are not sure about the version, do not just try flashing a new firmware. Get additional guidance if required. Also, make sure to follow the instructions very carefully when flashing.


Ii know that site but there is not firmware update for OLF170 (Version 1.7 of hardware). I’m not a noob, i ask a beta to try it if can solve my problems. I’m on this field from many many years. I know how to flash the firmware. This is the last chance i give to Ortur hardware… later on i will move to another 32bit control board more reliable.

Okay. Sounds like there’s some history here.

Can you document what problem you’re experiencing and what’s been done so far? Maybe someone can help or it could help others having a similar problem.

“There are a lot of variations listed and the site itself can be confusing.” You got that right!!! After spending a few minutes on that site I gave up trying to find the firmware for my OLM2 Pro (1.70 series). Every link I clicked on, even though they were labeled correctly, brought up the page for a Laser Master 2, not the Pro. My OLM2P, which I’ve only had for a few months, seems to be working properly but I wouldn’t mind having the latest firmware. Any idea whats up with the firmware repository?

Near as I can tell there’s no new firmware publicly available for that 1.7 series which I believe is @MarcoZ76’s original point of this topic.

I’m somewhat bothered that there have been so many hardware variations of the OLM2 Pro released since I feel like this line only recently came out. Gives the impression of it being half-baked.

They do describe themselves as a startup on their “Official” Facebook Group page. Gil sent me a copy of 1.72 a few weeks ago but I haven’t decided whether to load it yet. I might if I start having problems.

Can you send me a copy of 1.72 firmware? Thanks in advance

This forum will not let me upload a zip file. I will have to look into how to send it.

Plenty of work is being done, and we have a ETA release schedule for the 5th December for the whole pro series

This said, would be important to know what exact issues you having, because you gave us nothing to bite on
I have several RC versions i send users at times to drill down a particular issue. So the 1.72 beta some user might have might not be the one others have
That is the reason they are not public, they are diagnostic tools.

Thanks for replying Gil, I was somewhat reticent to post it anyway for the reason you mentioned. I’m going to step away from this thread now that you have responded. Thanks again!

are you able to download 1.86 firmware for ortus 2 pro S2?
I’m not able to do …
Thanks for your support

Hi Gil, what did you mean by “ETA release schedule for the 5th December for the whole pro series”? Are you releasing new laser modules? Like dual diode or somethile like that? Or is it just a new firmware you’re talking about?

I’m trying to update my firmware hoping to fix some bugs. I have OLF 170. my laser sometimes will act like it is about to start, but it just moves to a spot and starts burning without moving leaving a big dark mark on my work piece. Also, I am having some trouble with the Ortur rotary tool trying to do tumblers. I am a newbie, so maybe some of this is just my learning curve, but I feel like something is wrong. I also have to enter $x every time in order to get the laser to do anything. please help.

I have your same problem