New CO2 laser purchase for my small CNC business

Hello everyone - I just purchased a new CO2 laser for my CNC business. I have customers that often request products that would be better made by a laser vs CNC. I have researched many lasers and finally purchased a Monport 80Watt machine. I am playing around with Lightburn waiting for my machine to be delivered and I have 2 questions, 1. I need to save image and get approval from customer, I have tried exporting and saving project, but the project background is not colored as the project will be 2 layer plastic typical for signs. Can someone help me with this? 2. When I preview the sign the text and part of this sign looks to be cut with the text. I am assuming this is a property I need to adjust. Can someone help? Thank you!

Congratulations on your new machine.
Regarding your question, you have several options in the preview window. Probably you have chosen to show laser traversal mouve.

p.s. I didn’t quite understand your first question, but I save the preview window as an image file and it works fine for me.

It’s always a good idea to express to us what you are doing as precisely as possible… Are you stacking colored acrylic?

Lightburn only uses color for layer identification… As a general rule, you can’t lase different colors.

If you can fill that layer, you might be able to do a screenshot as some type of workaround…

I have a graphic I’m working on… it looks like this…

It isn’t much, but if you turn on fill and the objects are closed it looks more like what we want…

This is with Filled Rendering. It’s accessible via Edit → Settings or the gear-icon icon on the top tool bar.

You’re limited by it being a closed object and the number of colors.

I don’t know if that helps or not… there are going to be some that will be difficult to display to the end user …

Maybe some of these other people will share how they do it… I don’t do any commercial work myself…

Good luck


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