New Curved Text Option - Odd behavior

I just loaded the 0.9.04 version so I could leverage the text on a curve option.

#1 - LOVE IT

I am encountering an issue when I group the line, text and other items, then use the flip vertical or flip horizontal, the text does not move, so it winds up outside the design. However, if I ungroup and select everything and flip, it does flip but the text also reverses the opposite (vertical vs. horizontal) direction.

For example, I put the words THIS IS A TEST on the bottom of a curved line (think 6 on the clock face) inside a circle, if I select the circle and the line with text and flip horizontal, it flips the text so it appears backward, but it also flips upside down as if I’d also flipped vertical…

I can provide a video or pics, not sure how, but this issue is driving me bananas.

Help please :slight_smile:

I can not see what you are seeing, :slight_smile: so please post a screenshot (no cellphone pix) showing the starting art and results along with a description of what you expected.

Thanks. Getting the pictures now, just need to save the PNG files.

Running latest version (in original message above) with Ruida controller on Boss LS2436 Gen V.

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Image here is the design, inner most circle is set to not output, text is wrapped on that curve.

This image is the text after drag-left selecting the design and choosing mirror horizontal. Notice the text is flipped horizontally but also now upside down. If I try to flip vertical to fix it moves the text to the top of the circle.

And where do you want it? If you select the circle/path the text is applied to, you can rotate the circle and the text will follow the rotation.

I want the text to remain at the bottom of the design, flipped horizontally, but I want the tops of the letters to still stay toward the inside of the design, like this…


So it’s flipped horizontally (the option I clicked) and the text is backward, but it’s still oriented properly.

Once etched in acrylic, and flipped over, it should look like the first image I supplied.

The problem is, the text is flipped horizontally as well as vertically, so there’s no way to get it to be reversed. I had to preview the image, take a screen shot, and trace it so that I could get it to work. I couldn’t get it to work any other way.

With all this flipping, you have me lost. I have no idea what the final result of this project should look like.

I can tell you this, there is a way to have text on the circle path and positioned so the finished product is readable without having to do anything but look at it. You can also produce this on the back of acrylic so one can see through the sheet from the opposite side from the one you cut.

None of this will require you to capture/trace anything. Please try explaining again using different words, pictures. I am just not “seeing” what you want as a finished product. Also, post this file so I can review.

The ability to only post 1 picture makes this very hard. Let me create a video and post the link. It’s very simple, I want to flip it so I etch the back of the acrylic, so when viewed from the front it looks like the first image. However, choosing the design and selecting mirror horizontal mirrors everything as expected EXCEPT the text. The text is mirrored but the letters are also upside down. Working on a video now…

I an sure it is simple. But you pointing that out does not make it any easier for me to understand. So let’s try my approach as I am the one trying to help you.

I have opened up your image posting so you can post more than one at a time now.

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Video will take me a bit, here’s the design, but I added a description of the problem in the file, please let me know if that makes any more sense.

Ok, I cannot upload the attachment…

Select the text and try Edit >Convert to Path.
That should make it so it can be mirrored, but it will no longer be editable as text.

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I think he’s just trying to mirror the image so it can be engraved on the back of acrylic.
But if you have text on a path and try to mirror it horizontally, it also flips the text upside down. It’s weird behaviour but that’s what it does. I think he just needs to break the text in to a path and it should work.

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Yep, that’s what I was trying to say. It’s a bug IMHO, but convert to path worked, not sure why I didn’t think of it. Thanks Hank! And thanks Rick!

I think it’s kind of a bug also. It certainly can be inconvenient.
I don’t know what causes it, but I’ll bet OZ does. :slight_smile:

Just to put a picture to the problem, here’s Text On A Path on the left, and same thing mirrored horizontally on the right. Dang it, my text is upside down now!

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It’s because you’re flipping the path too. If a line is left-to-right, text applied to it is upright. If a line is right-to-left, text applied to it will be upside down. To see why, do this:

Draw a line from left to right, draw some text, apply the text to the path.

Now, enter ‘Node Edit’ mode, and grab the right-most point of the line, and move it in a circle, around the left point:

The text remains anchored to the line. By mirroring the circular path that the text is attached to, you’ve done the same thing. If you want the text to behave like normal geometry, you’ll need to convert it to a path first.

If you apply the text to a circle and drag the circle “inside out” from top to bottom, and from left to right, it’s easy to see what’s happening, and why it’s happening will hopefully make a little more sense.

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Thanks for that explanation. It makes more sense now. It’s still kind of inconvenient that you can just horizontally mirror the text, but it makes sense.

Thanks for that explanation Oz - I was battling with the same issue figured out the convert thing but couldn’t “visualize” the need to do so - Thanks again for the enlightenment.!!

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