New galvo setup not connecting

completed the set up under win 7, however when selecting my galvo from the device menu the disconnected warning flashes from busy to disconnected all the time, have i done something wrong and is there anyway to fix the problem as at the moment the galvo won’t do anything

Hi Paul - I honestly don’t know if you’ve done something wrong. I would recommend emailing support, as commenting on an existing thread on the forum won’t get as much attention as a new post or an email.

The ‘disconnected’ state could be from incorrectly setting the laser type - have you imported the EzCad configuration that came with your laser?

Hi yes used the important function, and followed the steps in the instructions, seems I am able to select the galvo jpt 50w no problem, however when I go to use lightburn it flashes from disconnected to busy then displays an error at the bottom of the screen, even when I’ve used a different pc it won’t connect after allowing me to setup, got one more pc to try, I’ll try support tomorrow as well, cheers for the reply

Problem with JPT30 “nomopa”"

  1. choose Fiber Type = JPT and my laser began to move from the “busy” state to the “disconnected” state.
  2. choose Fiber Type = IPG_YLP ( state laser “ready”) everything is fine and you can engrave.

Support Response
Yes, this is a known issue and you can work IPG_YLP without worry.

Thanks that’s worked, all fine now :upside_down_face:

Please check if there is a difference in power

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