New JPT 355 UV, no frequency or pulse width control, speed yes

New JPT 355 UV, no frequency or pulse width control, speed yes.

Check out this link… I’m not up on UV lasers :slight_smile:


Whoever is up on UV please get them involved, the problem is more serious. There is no control of those functions, on this new $5,000 laser JPT 355 5S, I have obtained from an extremely professional source, and was going to have to inform them of a pretty serious issue, if in fact that element signal was broke in the laser somehow. However just for fun ( No in fact it’s a thorough troubleshooting factor ) on my JPT 60 watt fiber with the EZ2 Lite board with its own computer and Lightburn, I decided to FIND my new laser device on that system, it did, changed to UV laser type and PRESTO , OKAY. Ran a matrix of the pulse width range and the frequency range , both adjustable. Then I took my USB cable and connected it back to the original new 2024 laptop bought for that machine, same thing doesn’t work and they have the proof samples. Where do we go from here ?

Did you put the right driver in?

I know on some of these galvo boards the driver is different between EZCad2 and Lightburn.

That’s about all I know. The Lightburn is mostly on holiday, I’d assume.


Lightburn loads the driver upon set up from the EZ2 parameters. Don’t know why, but I uninstalled lightburn, reinstalled, and now it works. Can end topic, thanks

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