New Laser thats not set up for lightburn, need help please

Hi all. Ive just purchased a PLT-9060 Laser cutter, thats been setup for use with the LASERCUT software and not lightburn. I love lightburn and have been using it with my old 3018 cnc router/5watt diode laser engraver for the last couple years. Is there anybody that has one of these machines running lightburn that could help me to set it up. I really dont want to change to a different software. attached pics of the machine.

Isn’t that just a generic blue and white? It would help if you setup your profile with things like the laser, controller and PC or Mac.

If it’s just generic and has a Ruida you should be able to connect just fine with a USB or Ethernet.

I only bought it today. I dont know anything about it other than its blue and white and 100 watt.

If you came here and read this post with your ‘solution’ would it help you?

It’s always nice to state the fix, that way no one has to wade through it.

Just open up the electronics cabinet door and read the controller name. Most of this stuff is pretty simple as a general rule.

Good luck with your new toy… I had a little CNC3018 got me hooked also…

Of course if you can’t get it working, I’ll pay it’s shipping to my house :crazy_face:


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Open the right hand door above the controller and see what the controller panels says and upload a pic of it please.

I think the controller is a Leetro, 'PAD04A-E and YKD2608MH are the only model numbers i can find.

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Supported Laser Hardware Controllers

Controller & DSP Identification -

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@Stroonzo provided you with a great resource. You’ll need a new controller to use LightBurn.

Its going up for sale. After 2 years of using lightburn theres no way im switching to lasercut… its crap. Besides… I dont have the skills to fit a new controller. Thanks all who responded.

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We have helped a lot of people do just that. We are willing :slight_smile:

Can be time consuming and you will learn a lot.

It’s probably much easier to change the machine out for one that has a lightburn compatible controller. But tough on the pocket book :frowning:

Might want to mention a general local, maybe someones looking here…

Good luck


It looks like a very well built laser. I’d list it here on the forum. The controller is a couple hundred. I’m not knowledgeable enough to say that it’d be easy. But well built lasers are hard to come by.

Good luck.

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