New Laser user on a Mac

My new Thunder nova is on the way and I have been trialing Lightburn on my iMac running 10.14.6. I intend to Use a ethernet crossover cable to run the laser to eliminate any potential usb problems and dropouts, my question is do I have to install as I would a printer through tcp ip and then add the device which will then look for drivers or if I just connect the crossover cable and load the laser through LightBurn (find my device) will LightBurn pick it up and provide the drivers and setting I require?
Thanks for any advice you can provide

This is worth a read.

Thanks Rick,
Yes I have read that , but I was wondering if I needed to? or if the software would add it just by using the device’s ip.
I intend to add it by crossover cable to my wireless network.

There is no device driver required. You just specify the IP address. You’ll need to do the setup manually by choosing the Ruida controller, setting the size, origin location, and IP address. It’s pretty simple.

Great news, thanks very much Oz and by the way thanks for building this software for the Mac.

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