New lens, can't get the focus

Going way back to something you said about flat side. Lens should have a concave and convex sides. Always put concave down. Nothing should look flat. If it is then the lens is defective.

Not true.

Plano lenses have a flat side.

Meniscus lenses have a curved bottom…

These are ‘cheap’ machines so most manufacturers put plano lenses in them.


There’s a big differnece her to my laserhead as I can’t put the lens into the nozzle. The lens is mounted in the tube:

Try it without the nozzle. I’m starting to think you have a shorter focal length than 2"


Sorry, I’m not native english, maybe this was not the accurate term. Howver, as you can see in the image with my tube and nozzle (above), you can see how I installed a 5mm o-ring to get the lens moving towards the nozzle. Unfortunately there is not enough space then to mount the nozzle properly to the tube.
So the washer / o-ring idea just went to nirvana.

I agree, and will try without the nozzle - it must be below although the box says 2". But who knows

Yes… That’s common with these machines. They look identical, then you find all kinds of variations are you work your way down.

This is why most of us have changed out the original head for something that makes life with these much easier. Can’t see much of the head from the photo I posted, but this is more clear

You can see it more clear in the video.

Here’s a < 1minute video of it engraving a vector lion head… if you care…

Good luck


I have sort of the same setup with my 1.5" lens. I used the silver screw and washer above the lens and have the lens resting on the nozzle. It’ll lower it a couple of mm. I’ll get a picture of it if you want.

I have a set of different nozzles and lenses now and hope to find some time to test and experiment