New machine power not right

We got a new Ruida system and I’ve having weird issue with power settings.
Hard to explain but here goes

It seems despite Rudia display showing proper power level, The laser is burning hotter the faster I go up to a point. So when I go slow 100% does not cut through put at three times as fast I can cut through at like 30%.

You have not said what “slow” is, so I will point you to the post below. Could this be what you are experiencing?

I think you nailed it. seems Min speed needs to be the same as my max on this controller

Only when cutting slower than the start speed, but yes, this is a common thing with Ruida machines.

Is the “start speed” the same as Min in the ruida display? If not where can I find it

Start speed is a setting in Edit > Machine Settings that sets the point where the controller begins ramping up from min power to max power. If you are moving at “start speed” or less, it only uses min power.

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