New Neje 30w laser pwm/ttl control

Purchased the new Neje 30w laser module, but can’t figure out, how to control the laser.
I have a couple of boards, one is the grbl board, from 3018 cnc and the other is a Stm32F1 board, from the Alfawise U20 3d printer. Managed to get both of them working, everything apart from the laser control.

I’m confused about the TTL control, of the laser, it says TTL 3.3-12v 20khz. I believe, most of the boards have ttl up to 5v. The little laser board also has a PWM pin, but I’m not sure, if tit just the same as TTL pin.
I also found out, that both of the PWM pins of my 3018 cnc board are dummy, no traces going anywhere. Can possibly solder a wire directly to the atmega 328p chip, if that can work.

Would appreciate any help, how to get the ppm working on any of this boards…

With a multi-layer board, it may be difficult to find. Have you actually put a multimeter on the pins and sent a signal?

Most firmwares allow you to designate pins. Pick one that’s a) spare and b) supports PWM.

This is actually pretty straight forward. Connect your TTL/PWM to the TTL JST connector on the test board. Plug the laser into its socket. When you turn on the power to the Laser Test board press the SWITCH button twice to put the board into TTL/PWM mode and then it will feed through to the laser the power levels sent by your controller, which ever that is. I run mine on my X-Carve this way.

I use a 10 ft piece of Cat5 cable, 2 wires send power to the board, 2 wires connect to the PWM on the X-Controller. Then Use the stock cable that goes from the test board to the laser.

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