New OMTech Bad Laser Tube?

Just got a new OMTech 100W machine, and I’m not sure if these burn tests are good or not. These are straight out of the tube before the first mirror.

It looks like I’m not getting a single point, but multiple hotspots, and it’s more visible as the power level increases.

Should I be contacting them for another tube?

Here is the positioning right at the tube

This is mine. I don’t see a crisp dot of any kind on yours.

This is m1, m2, m3 and the down tube. I had issues, but you can see the dot size is much smaller and all of them are two shots, min distance and max distance.

Hang in there, some of others here will find this. I’m suspicious about the tube. I have a China Blue 50 watt machine…


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You probably have done this already, but have you tanken the tube loose (power off unplug) and looked inside the head at the lense to see if there is packing tape or grease or something laying in there.? Also use a power full light and check the lense in the end or the tube for cracks. I’ll run some test shots tomorrow for comparison for you.

OM Tech wouldn’t let it leave their warehouse if it wasn’t dialed in. I would check to make sure everything tight and not loose. Also, when I switched my tube (which I did get from OM Tech), I had worked on the alignment and was having the same issue. I found that it was the glue residue on mirrors 1 and 2. I wiped them with rubbing alcohol and it helped a lot.

Doesn’t sound they it was check out very well if it had glue on the mirrors…unless you glued it…

I got mine from OMtech, which is supposed to be here in the USA. My machine was never touched by anyone after it left the factory. The plywood (if that’s what you call it) was so cheap, it fell apart in my hands during uncrating. I don’t believe there is any way that they could have taken it apart tested it, packed it back up and shipped it here. Once it got off the boat at Long Beach it was here almost overnight. Sat offshore of Long Beach harbor for almost two weeks waiting to unload.

Worked, had a good supply and tube, and was the expected 45 watt tube… There are some complaints about some of their machines, so IMHO I think they try and work with someone in China that will put the better quality components in them and take the chance they will have to replace a few parts now and then.


I’m assuming that’s intended to be funny. Because it is.

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Here are some dot shots right before M2. replacement cloudray tube with metal head. power ranges from 19% to 49% I was just popping the pulse button on continuous.

I was unclear, it was the glue residue on mirrors 1 and 2 from the tape I used to align the mirrors and not from OMTECH.

“Didn’t anyone tell you to check your optics?” lol… First thing for a problem, check the optic path :slight_smile:

It’s simply the ‘easiest’ thing to hose up.

Glad you’re up with a simple fix…

We’ve all gone down that road, it’ll probably be second nature for you now :crazy_face:


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