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Newbie here…

I recently purchased an OmTech 70W with a Ruida controller and am having difficulty figuring out the software download for my MacBook. There were no prompts when I plugged in the usb that OmTech sent, and I tried to connect my MacBook Pro to the OmTech via a USB to USB-c cable adapter. Do I need to try an ethernet connector instead?

Where is the link to the Ruida software I need (RDworks?) so that the controller recognizes my laptop and the Lightburn software?

I tried to add manually with the X and Y axis, and when I went to send my design to the laser it prompted with a loud ‘denial’ noise, and nothing happening.

Apologies for the newbie questions, just slightly more of a learning curve than I anticipated.

***edit to add: I already have the Lightburn software downloaded with my specific code. Just trying to figure out how to get Lightburn to ‘talk’ to my Ruida controller and recognize my design files so that they can be cut.

Thank you in advance,


The best way is to put the laser on your network and connect it via Ethernet.

In the laser window does it show you are connected to the Ruida?

Mine is ‘Disconnected’, it should say ‘Ready’

Screenshot from 2022-08-18 19-52-38


Mine does not even recognize a device, so i’ve had to manually try to add. Any suggestions of trying to connect the device to lightburn, or should the ethernet do it? Do I need to install anything (like a ruida driver) on my computer so that the device is recognized?

also… what steps would I need to take to connect my laser to my network?


With the Ruida on your local network or direct connect.

Local network is easy for most.

Direct connect means you have to dedicate a port and address to the Ethernet connection. If you want to direct connect, then you have to have the hardware available.

The Ruida speaks UDP which is a lower level interface, this causes issues now and then, so Lightburn created a Lightburn Pi Bridge. It has a software layer to help with the UDP problems and gives your laser a wireless connection. Too bad they are sold out of them. With the chip shortage Pi’s are more difficult to purchase. I had one laying around and used it, the software is available for free from Lightburn.

For a local network I found this video, not by Lightburn, but how to connect Lightburn to the machine on your local network. If you want to go the direct route, you only have to worry about a ‘turn around’ cable, if your computer was built at the end of the last century. I plug a regular Ethernet cable from my 15 year old pc to the Ruida directly more often that I’d like to admit…

He really doesn’t get into configuring it until about 3 minutes in, so if you know the basics…

Good luck


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