New tab generator, and cut shape

could use a video on these functions please.
thanks ron c

I don’t think a video for the tab generator would have much content. You select the tool and place the cursor over the portion of the line you wish to excise. I was frustrated by the circle with the slash appearing on all my attempts until I realized the shape was set to fill and not to line.

By double clicking on the layer setting, you get the ability to set the size of the tab and a few other choices that have slipped my alleged mind at the moment.

Cut shape, on the other hand is beyond my capabilities at this time.

We’re working on videos for both of these.

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The first ‘Cut Shapes’ video is up - it’s longer, showing how to cut a project larger than your laser.


Congratulations Oz, a great video you made to demonstrate LightBurn`s new “Cut Shapes” and the “Oversize Cutting” feature. It’s a shame that you did not use the new “Tapping” function at the same time :wink: But to show how well LB can find the registration marks again, your accident was very interesting and instructive for the rest of us. - Well done -

I second that! Great video!
In-depth information, some shots of the laser in action. One picture tells more than 1000 words.Keep up the good work.
With greeting from Germany.

Hey Oz!
Great vid!
Is your red pointer actually incorporated into the laser tube? It appears the red beam exits your nose cone.
My pointer attaches to the laser head, making it a pain as I need to realign it every time I change the height of my head when I opt to cut / engrave out of focus.

Mine goes through a beam combiner, so it’s in-line with the laser beam.

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The tab feature is awesome. great work. In the future will you add the ability to cut part way through the depth of a tab by say still cutting but at a reduced power or greater speed so you still get a nice burn edge on the face side?. Would be great for thicker material. Love seeing all these great new features. Brilliant work

We’ve talked about it - it will require some infrastructure to make it work properly, but we’re looking into what it would take to support it.