New tile engraving method

I believe DadBuildDad used the dry Molly spray on some stainless steel flasks and it worked pretty decent.

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Hi Ronald / Jack.

I send an email this morning asking for advice about Titanium Dioxide issues I have as the spray paints we have here do not have Titanium Dioxide or it’s not mentioned. I am definitely going to try your method. One thing I noticed you did a great engraving on tiles that are not 100% White or smooth surface. It’s impressive. Will look around and order Titanium Powder for testing work. Thank you for you advice and contribution. John

John as an addon to my post, I am now etching unglazed ceramic coasters from Amazon. The same method and the results are fantastic. Well worth a look at just £17.99 for 12 including cork self-adhesive backing disc. Do show us some of your work.

Here are a few pics of the coasters. These I did for my local garage in appreciation of their very good service. They give me extra care as I’m disabled.


Hi Ron/Jack. I’ve gone through both your comments and recommendation on Laser engraving on Ceramic Tiles using Titanium Dioxide. Thank you. I’ve ordered the Ti02 and waiting for arrival soon. Being in Singapore this place is highly humid so if I use Titanium Dioxide and mix with water to spray with Airbrush I supposed it will not dry up so quickly. If it does can I add some wood glue just to hold it a bit longer to dry. My Diode Laser is Neje N40640 which is 40W. Thank you for your recommendations. John

I use a heat gun on the tile… Doesn’t take long to dry… It also allows you to see how well it’s distributed.

It has to adhere to the tile or it will puddle. I clean mine with Windex window cleaner and dry it. When I put it on, sometimes it will puddle and I have to wipe it…

You just have to ‘fool around’ with it… I found adding food color is helpful…


Thank you Jack for your quick reply. I will try out as soon as I received my order. I’ve gone through Youtube where several users have been kind enough to advise usage of Ethanol besides water. If I use water I’ll also try to ad some wood glue to test. Hope I’ll get some satisfying result. Thank you again and have a great weekend. John

You also… we are here if you need us…

I’ve ordered a new laser myself … I’m pretty excited about it…

Good luck and take care


Food safe does not mean it’s good for us. The crap they put in processed foods to make money will blow your mind. Food and cosmetic grade Titanium Dioxide is considered safe in small amounts by the US FDA but is not considered safe by the European FSA.

I personally keep away from Titanium Oxide. Especially if it’s pulverized and made airborne by a laser beam.

Titanium dioxide is carcinogenic if inhaled

Educate yourselves on the subject of Titanium oxide. Don’t trust a wolf to give you a true count of your flock of sheep. :wink:

Live long and prosper!

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Just living is dangerous. So far I have survived 85 years. Driving is extremely dangerous but we still all do it. Answer is take as many persuasions as possible, but enjoy life you only live once.

Just being born carries a death sentence … :crazy_face:

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I’ll take ”friesl with that!
However PLEASE hold the FDA approved and “ food safe” Titanium Oxide… I rather enhance my potatoes another way .

More than one way to skin a cat.



The phrase “You only live once” applies to both living dangerously and living cautiously.


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Me too glad it made smile.

Take care

You’ve got to laugh when you think this thread started about the Norton White Tile method. :smiley:

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Hi Ronald! I have tried out my laser engraving on ceramic tiles and followed according to your advise to mix 100ml of PVA wood glue to 300ml of water. Add 3 heaped teaspoons of titanium dioxide and mix well. I then transfer this solution to a spray bottle and spray one layer and waited for it to dry. My engraving covers multiple settings for test and one of the settings is 1000mm 80%. I’m using Neje 40w machine. See photos attached.

Can kindly advise what else I have to do to get it darker. See photos below. Do I need to spray more layers of Ti02 mixture.? Thank you and look forward to your advise. John.

John I am completely puzzled why there is little or no difference to the test squares on your tile. There should be a range from almost white to black across the tile. Is the test set up correctly. I don’t think the mixture is the problem, more to do with the test programme.
This is what I would have expected from your test.
Try this.
I’m now using the latest modified formula. For best results with a brush on method measure out 100 ml of PVA glue and I now add 3 tablespoons of water plus two drops of liquid hand soap. Mix thoroughly. Now add one full tablespoon of titanium dioxide to a flour sift. Slowly mix sifted powered to your PVA as you stir. Make sure you mix well. I now strain this mixture through the flour sift into another vessel. Paint on clean tile as you would paint anything with gloss paint. I dry with hairdryer and laser at 1000 mm/m 80% power. 40 watt diode laser.
Hope that helps.
Substitute hand soap if necessary for washing up liquid.

Material Test Grid.lbrn2 (137.6 KB)

A few uncooked kidney beans will do a number on you as well. Heat from the cooking/canning process destroys the toxin.