New to all this and ned help - a few questions

Hello All, im new o the laser engraving side of things and have been recommended this software to work with my 3018Pro, with a 5w laser, how ever im having some issues and need help please…

  1. i set the origin (0.0) fine, but if i move the laser on the software then press go to origin it tries to go even further than what ive set nearly wreaking the motors as its going to far on the axis

  2. when trying to cut an image its not turning the laser on/off between peices/sections so its cutting random lines as its moving about

  3. can you put scroll bars on the screen as imported an image and it was massive so scaled it down but now i can only see the bottom 10mm of my work area on the screen and cant scroll back up so its all on the screen

i think thats it for now so thanks in advance

First off I suggest you read through these 2 topics thoroughly and make sure have a good grasp of what’s there.

Common Grbl Setups - LightBurn Software Documentation

Before making any changes, I highly suggest you take a backup of your machine settings.

This should address your first 2 questions. As for the 3rd I’m not quite following what you’re describing but I suspect you’re struggling with panning operations. Check this link for that:
Zooming, Panning, Selection - LightBurn Software Documentation

Come back and report on progress or issues. Good luck.


great thanks, i will give them a read and let you know how i get on

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