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I’m new to this forum and I’m thankful I found it. My question today is based on a software glitch I have been tinkering around lightburn since 6am. I keep getting an out of area message when I try to start the process. I know the machine works because I printed two images and had success. Know I’m stuck with this error I have used absolute, orgin,user settings stiil have the issue. But this is not my problem. Aufero 1 will recognize some of the commands and go to position such as go to orgin but, the machine just halts and does not print. I tried the gcode methode but, it will not save because of the error message. Also, I turned the toggle switch off for it but to no avail. So I just turned back on. Please help

The question should be in the title.

Did you setup your machine following the Lightburn Grbl setup?

Review the Coordinate and Job Origin documentation. This is crucial to understanding how it ‘stuff’ works.

Good luck


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