New to Laser cutting

Hello all I just purchased my first laser. Needles to say I am a bit overwhelmed …but I think I can get the hang of it. I have a few years working with Vinyl cutter so I am familiar with cutting programs such as Flexi and Inkscape. But I am sure there is going to be a learning curve to Lightburn. My question first is I want to go ahead and order a camera. But which camera do I need to order. The laser is the blue Chinese laser that comes with a 50 watt Co2 tube and the cutting bed is 12"x20". thank you for the wealth of info I have gathered from just reading different topics .


You identify you have a 12"x20" size bed but you also need to know where you are going to mount this camera and calculate the distance it will be from the bed when in focus.
We have a tool to help you with this.

In LightBurn go to, ‘Help’→’Camera Selection Help’ and enter your machine bed size to see the different mounting height options:

And for a bit more on the subject:

Thanks for the reply. I understand what you are saying …I was hoping someone else might have the same machine I have, That way I can go ahead and get the camera ordered as my machine wont be here till sometime next week but I do appreciate you taking the time to reply…I am sure I will have many many many more questions.

thank you