New to Lightburn and Laser

I am new to the Technology of Lasers and the software to make them work. I recently purchased an xTool D1 and am using it with mixed success so far.
first question. I bought a Grid pattern form Etsy that I would like to set as the default whenever I open Lightburn. I feel like it should be an easy fix I just haven’t found it.
I have been opening Lightburn, then opening my grid and importing whatever I am planning to engrave. It’s not very efficient and I found out the hard way that the grid isn’t locked to layout of Lightburn. Several times I moved the grid around when trying to position the work on the grid.

Also having trouble with backwards images. I am having to take the image and grab the top and flip to bottom thus reversing it to my eyes but getting the laser to print it correctly. Taking the grid and dividing it into 4 quadrants, if I place my work above center and to the right on the Lightburn grid means I have to put my workpiece below center and right to get the laser to be in the right position.

What am I missing.

This is likely caused by your Origin setting in Device Settings being incorrect. D1 requires this to be set to Top-Left. I take this to mean that you did not use the device configuration file provided by xTool which can be found on this page:
User Manual for xTool D1 LightBurn Software – xtool

I suggest you use the configuration file they provide as it includes defaults for crosshair adjustment, offset scanning, and connection information.

You can lock objects in LightBurn to prevent accidental changes. Arrange->Lock Selected Shapes.

I’m not aware of a way of doing anything like this. You could potentially always open a LightBurn project that you’ve setup this way and do a Save As to save to a different file but that’s a little clunky. You could put the grid pattern into the Art Library but I believe that would require you realign the grid each time.

Any reason you feel like you need the grid? LightBurn itself provides a grid and you can change the grid spacing if you like.

User Manual for xTool D1 LightBurn Software – xtool

suggested to use the xTool user manual. I did this originally and Lightburn did not recognize the file type to import xTool_D1.lbdev Tried again just now and I still can’t import the file as the directions say. So this is Strike 1

Arrange-> Lock Shapes
That works great!

As far as the grid, I burned the grid on my waste board hoping that I can match the placement of my part on the bed with the grid on in Lightburn. But since everything is backwards and upside down I think I need a different laser, different laser or someone else to set this dang thing up.

Thanks for trying to help

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I went into the xTool Device setting (wrench tool) and made some changes) then went into Settings and changed the grid spacing and something else and now it prints right side up in the spot I placed it on the grid.
Not really sure what I changed but I’m taking screenshots so I can check and see if the settings repeat upon opening.
So, still not knowing what I am doing it is doing more of what I wanted it to do. Now back to work!

Where are you doing this? The .lbdev file is a native LightBurn file.

You need to push the Devices button in Laser window, then push Import, then pick the file.

Else take a look at this post. It shows all the defaults for D1 that you can copy.

This would have been the Origin setting. It needs to be at top-left for D1.

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