New to the program and having issues

I just got the new Laguna PL 1220 laser. I connected my laser and watched on YouTube for settings but now that I am ready to do a circle it is connecting fine but the laser itself is not running at all but it’s going through the motions… any guidance is appreciated!

Good overview, but we need the details to be able to offer a reasoned response.

Min Power is used when your laser is at or below what’s called the “start speed” - IE, the speed at which it starts ramping power up to the Max Power setting. By default, on Ruida, it’s 10mm/sec. Could this be what you are seeing?

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Have you set both Min Power and Max Power? If not, there’s a chance the laser won’t fire. We recommend working through the first few pages of our “Beginner Walkthrough” to the point where you’ve done the “Simple Project”, as that will help you understand a bunch of the basics, and will make it easier to ask for help as well:

My Blue and White 150W has the water chiller feedback cable connected to the Laser power supply. If the chiller is not on, or the cable is not connected I get the exact behavior you are describing.

I was missing the minimum power which was not mentioned in the videos I watched. Now I just need to calibrate the machine and I should be good to go! Thank you!!

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