New to Using Lightburn laser power issues

I just started using Lightburn and i just bought a new Atezr Laser. I can’t seem to get the laser to full power, it barely makes a mark on my material (soft Pine). is there a setting im missing? the laser comes on, everything moves but just seems like i can’t get full power out of it.

Edit- machine settings, homing and limits what do you have for ($30)

Edit what settings? I can home it and i have limit switches

Sorry, go to top; edit- machine settings, homing and limits you will have an ($30) value. What is it?

Its a ATEZR P10

Sorry was cofused at what you were saying ($30) is 1000

What is your power and speed set at in your cuts/layers set to?

I tried the speed at 800 mm/m and power at 100% and nothing showed up. did another at 200 mm/m and 100% power and about half the circle showed up. I’m just trying to do a line of a 3" circle for a test.

I know it’s new but you might want to check the lens on the laser and make sure it’s clean and nothing obstruction the beam.

Just got done cleaning, still the same. Wonder if i have a bad laser.

I’m a relative beginner, there are others on here much more knowledgeable that will have more ideas.

Please take a screenshot of Edit->Device Settings and post here.

Configuration looks okay.

What’s leading you to believe that you’re not getting full power?

Well when i try to engrave into soft pine, it barely shows a line in the work at 100% power. This is a 10 watt output and at 100% it should almost be cutting thru the board and it is not. I even tried using Laser GRBL that I use on my old 3018 machine and it still will not cut into the wood.

Let’s review the basics:

  1. What speed settings are you using?
  2. What is the specific model of Atezr?
  3. Have you run a material test?
  4. Is focus being achieved and have you checked for it? Is this a unit with autofocus?

I am running now at 600mm/m and laser at 50%
It is a P10
I have not run a material test and don’t know how to.
It says it is autofocas.

Autofocus in most laser systems means auto-height adjustment when requested. It does not mean that focus will always be guaranteed.

Having said that, looking into the P10 this doesn’t seem to be an auto-focused laser. There is a focus arm at the back left of the laser module that you are expected to swing down. Then you need to slide the whole laser module down/up until the arm touches the material that you want to burn. Then retract the swing arm.

Please retest after confirming focus.

Laser Tools->Material Test is an inbuilt way of doing this. I suggest first reviewing the documentation.

Material Test - LightBurn Software Documentation

P10 is manual focus. Unless there is a motor attached directly to the laser head to move it up and down, there is no auto focus.

There will either be a flip-down “leg” or a separate block used to set focus. You loosen the laser head and place the “leg” on the surface of the material, or the “block” between the laser and material. While the laser head is resting on the spacer, you then tighten it down and remove the spacer. Focus is then set for that material thickness.

Yes I just have the arm that comes down to set the laser height. Now I have a whole new problem, I started the material test and now have no laser at all coming on. I have no clue what is happening now.